For Attorneys

  • A good mediator can save you time and out-of-pocket costs that may never be reimbursed.

    • Mediation offers your clients swifter resolution at a fraction of the cost of litigation. You may choose to accompany your clients to any mediation session or send them alone and offer final approval before filing.

      • For clients with financial hardships, mediation can limit costly court appearances and thereby assure you of receiving payment.

        • For for cases involving highly-charged emotions or a reluctance to settle, a trained mediator can navigate the emotional issues and bring an atmosphere of compromise not found in adversarial litigation.

          • As a trained counselor, Lea Ann McCombs has experience working with all aspects of divorce, family hostility, and emotional hurdles and uses those skills to encourage cooperation and compromise.

          • As an added service, for those clients who may benefit from post-resolution counseling, Harmony Mediation offers free counseling through Cedarpoint Counseling in Claremore.